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seven figure marketing stack

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It's called the 7-Figure Marketing Stack, and it's the complete marketing system that I use to run, a multi-million dollar online education business. 

In August 2023, I ran a live 5-day workshop, where I taught 100s of people exactly how the marketing system works.

It was aimed at entrepreneurs who want to learn scale their online education businesses to 7+ figures.

I've made the recordings of this workshop available for sale on this page.


Before you get too excited, don't go thinking that this is some "plug 'n play" system you can use to make millions of dollars yourself...

It's nothing of the sort!

In fact, this isn't a training at all.

See, in this workshop, I simply take you behind the scenes of a real-life business, and show you how all the marketing works.  

When you see how a successful education company does things, you'll get inspiration for growing your own business. 

Simple, no?

The business in question is StoryLearning. (It's my business.) 

  • A $10 million education company
  • 7-figures in annual profit
  • Where I work around 4 days a month  

In the workshop, I teach the four "levels" of our marketing.  

It looks like this: 

Here are those four levels:

  1. Internal Marketing
  2. Customer-Led Marketing
  3. External Marketing
  4. Paid Marketing

Together, they form the "marketing stack" that runs the whole business, reaching millions of people a month, and driving millions of dollars in revenue.

In the workshop, I walk you through the whole shebang:

  • The high-level marketing strategy
  • The four "levels" and seven individual marketing channels
  • How we turn audience into customers
  • The evergreen strategy to make sales on autopilot 
  • The systems that run it all without me

My approach to marketing has been developed for running an education business.  

If you're a: 

  • Course creator
  • Coach or consultant
  • Author, expert or teacher 

 ...this will be highly-relevant for you, and help you scale your company. 

Most businesses are "closed shops". 

This is an "open day". 

I show you how we do our marketing, why it works, and answer your questions. Nothing fancy... but potentially very impactful for you. 

To purchase the workshop, scroll down and complete the order form.

Details of the Workshop

The 7-Figure Marketing Stack is a workshop in 5 parts.

  • Each session lasts around 90 minutes -- that's 60 minutes of content, plus 30 minutes of Q&A from the original live recordings
  • Days 1-4 are a deep-dive into one individual "level" of the stack (e.g. Affiliates & Media)
  • Day 5 is mindset and implementation, to help you apply the concepts in your own business
  • You get full recordings of the 5 day workshop, including the Q&A from the live event
  • Lifetime access

The cost of the workshop is $100.

The reason I'm making this so cheap is that working with me 1-on-1 is extremely expensive and out of reach for most people. 

By pricing the workshop this way, everyone gets access.  

How to Join

To join the workshop, simply click the button below, fill out your details and click "complete order". 

You'll receive a confirmation email immediately, and immediate access to the workshop.