Trusted Partners - Application Only

I have a trusted network of service providers who I rely on to run my businesses.

These are the best of the best:

  • Outstanding work
  • High integrity
  • Excellent communication
  • Fair pricing

The purpose of this page is to connect the vendors with entrepreneurs from my audience.

If you are looking for support your business, the businesses on this page come with my personal endorsement. 

However, great partners are like gold dust, so I personally vet every lead I send to them.

Please browse the list of partners below....

YouTube Production

If you enjoy the video production on my YouTube channel, these are the people responsible. 

The editing is out-of-this-world, but the real value is the full-service production they offer, from ideational to channel management. 

Social Media / Ghostwriting

Most of what you see from me on Twitter and LinkedIn is managed by these guys. 

I create original content in my newsletter, and the material is then adapted for social media.

They provide full ghostwriting options too, in case you don't enjoy writing. 

Low-Cost Remote Hires

Some of my best hires have been from Eastern Europe and South Africa; highly-skilled, excellent English, work ethic to die for and salaries up to 80% cheaper than US equivalent.

I always go through the same hiring partner, who goes above and beyond to place the perfect people. 

Management Accounting

My business life changed when I found management accountants who could provide clear, insightful and useful monthly reporting.

These guys can help you bring clarity to all your finances, however complex.

They specialise in working with online businesses, and can also provide bookkeeping if needed.


If you would like an introduction to any of the service providers mentioned, please email me directly at o [at], stating clearly and succinctly:

  1. Who you would like a referral to
  2. Your requirements
  3. Rough budget

I cannot guarantee approval, but I will reply to every email.