10-Minute Emails That Make You More Money

From: Olly Richards
4th August 2023
Hobbitshire: Something big is brewing…

Last night, I was on the phone with my business mentor.

About 47 minutes into the call, he told me an anecdote about a business he worked with:


“Scaling was simple for them… they just started sending daily emails.”

I didn’t bat an eyelid at the time.

(After all, daily emails is my bread and butter.)

But then it occurred to me…

Hardly anyone sends daily emails!

It’s rarer than a nun in a bikini.

Three reasons, I think:

  1. They have no idea daily email is so profitable
  2. They think they’ll annoy their audience
  3. They don’t know how to write lots of emails


I’m not going to try and convince you to send daily emails here.

(I think you have to come to that realisation by yourself.)

But, at the very least…

If I can show you how to write quality emails quickly, you might send more of them.

After all, ain’t nobody got time to sit around writing the next War n’ Peace each morning.


Today, I’m going to show you my method for:

Churning out effective and profitable emails faster than a greased pig at a country fair!

So that you can send more email...

Drive more revenue...

And make your audience chuckle, all before breakfast.

But First!

At the end of August, I’m running a 5-day workshop (live).

It’s called the 7-Figure Marketing Stack.

In the workshop, I’m going to be teaching the entire marketing system I use to run my business, StoryLearning:


The idea is simple…

Years ago, when I wanted to scale my business, I knew I needed to learn marketing.

But I didn’t want to learn from a guru on Instagram…

I wanted to see how real businesses did their marketing.

I wanted to learn from someone who was 5-10 years ahead of me.

I thought:

“Show me the model. I’ll make it my own.”

Unfortunately, most other businesses are closed shops.

So, I thought I would create the very thing I wanted back in the day…

A complete shake-down of the exact marketing systems I use to run a multi-million dollar education business.

If you want to learn to scale your online business to 7+ figures, this will show you the marketing piece.

I think you’ll like it.

And I’ve made it super cheap, too.

Click here for more information:


Right, ad break over.

How To Write Amazing Emails Fast

Here’s my intention for this newsletter:

To show you one very specific way to write emails in under 10 minutes.

These types of emails:

  • Generate sales (100% guaranteed)
  • Entertain your audience
  • Keep your output high and your mind sharp

It’s based on the “infotainment” email philosophy I learnt from Ben Settle, which is:

Don’t “hard teach” -- be interesting.

If you can be interesting, and you send more emails, then you’ll be top-of-mind for your audience among your competitors.

That means they’ll come to you when they’re ready to buy.

Here’s the basic formula:

To flesh it out:

INTERESTING ANECDOTE: For the bulk of the email, take a quirky anecdote, news item, or story you heard somewhere, and tell it in a concise, pithy way

TIE TO YOUR PRODUT: At the end of the email, pivot to talking about your product, by highlighting a benefit that relates to the anecdote. Drop a link.

Simple as that.

The whole email can be just 400-500 words, and you should be able to write it in 10 minutes or less.

In the rest of the email, I’ll give you three examples (+bonus) of emails I’ve written that do just this… and made a LOT of sales.

You’ll get the emails in the doc below, together with my commentary in the doc itself (It’s a Google Doc – look for the comments, probably better to read on desktop).

Click here for the full email text:


Email 1 - New Tech

(Direct link)

I sent this email last week, and it crushed it.

I was randomly scrolling Instagram, and I came across this news item about some new “auto translate” tech in Asia.

It’s pretty wild - Imagine you’re buying a ticket at a train station in a foreign country. This smart screen transcribes what you’re saying in real time, and flashes it on the screen in front of you, along with the translation into the foreign language.

A really interesting story, that I know people will enjoy.

It also happens to be completely antithetical to the way we teach languages at StoryLearning, so it’s the perfect way to position our products.

“If you want to learn a language FOR REAL, then forget that tech… learn with us instead.”

Email 2 - Funny newspaper story

(Direct link)

I loved writing this one.

I read a story in the paper about an increase in thefts at luxury hotels.

Turns out thieves are stealing expensive mattresses from rooms, just taking them directly down to the car park in the lifts. Crazy stuff.

Sounds like a very random story, right?

But I linked it to a sale we were running, by saying:

“Prices are so low, the thieves probably won’t bother!”

All very silly, but I guarantee it’s the most entertaining email in people’s inbox that day.

(Certainly more fun than the tragic Biscuit Boutique emails.)

Email 3 - Smart people read books

(Direct link)

This one’s a little different, and was one of the first “daily emails” I wrote… around 6 years ago.

It proved to be an absolute banger, and I now know why.

It plays hard on the ego – the desire to be “smart”. No-one want to believe they’re not smart.

To achieve this, I use the simple premise: Smart people read lots of books.

This ties perfectly into our StoryLearning products, because they’re entirely based on reading. (As opposed to all the silly apps out there.)

If the reader buys into the premise that they have to read in order to be smart, the only logical next step is to buy our course.

(Sometimes I think I was a lot smarter in 2017 than I am today.)

Email 4 - Bonus

(Direct link)

I recently heard a story about Steven Spielberg and David Lean - the director of Lawrence of Arabia.

Super interesting, showing that the most successful people learn from others who are ahead of them.

I initially used this story as the sales page for my new 7-Figure Marketing Stack workshop…

And then changed my mind and deleted it!

(Not because the story isn’t good. More for positioning reasons. I’ll tell you about that another day if you like.)

Anyway, despite canning this for the sales page, I thought it would make a fantastic email, so I’m sharing it here.

Conclusion - Dig The Well Before You’re Thirsty

Today I’ve shown you how to write effective emails in less than 10 minutes.

Emails that generate sales and keep your audience engaged.

The formula is:


Believe it or not, you can tie pretty much anything to your product if you think about it hard enough.

But either way, what I’ve found really useful is to:

Keep a list of interesting anecdotes!

I do this in Notion…

I have a list called “Daily email inspiration” and literally every time I hear or read something interesting, I just add it to the list.

It makes it a lot easier to hammer out a bunch of these emails when you already have some ideas to work with.


That’s your lot for today.

I really enjoy writing about email, so let me know if you liked this one.

The weather down in Hobbitshire has been utterly s*** recently. So much so that my last three flying lessons have been unceremoniously cancelled.


I tell you – the world looks so much better from 4,000 ft.

Fortunately, being grounded meant that I was at home to see the new fowl take his first steps – after only 3 days!


Maybe things on the ground are alright after all.




Send more emails.

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