How To Get More Views On Your Content

Today, we’re getting super tactical…

With a glorious “first principles” trick that will get more eyeballs on the content you work so hard to create.

Which means more sales for you.

Best of all, it’s totally free to do, and super easy to execute.


Even better, I’m going to demonstrate this trick to you in the pages of this very email, so you can see how it feels from the perspective of your audience.

To set the stage, a question:

  • Have you read every newsletter I’ve sent in the last few moths?
  • Have you watched every video?
  • Did you even know I make videos?

Now, if you're ready, let's proceed...

First, you’ll get a demo, followed by the explanation.

Did You Miss This?

(This is the start of an imaginary email)

If you’ve been reading my newsletter, you’ll know that I write about scaling online education businesses.

That’s my shtick.

And recently, content has been flying around every which way to Sunday.

Frankly, I’d be amazed if you’ve seen even 10% of it!

So, below, I’ve pulled out all the juiciest stuff from recent weeks so you can catch up on what you’ve missed.

Here’s what to do:

Scan the list below and pick ONE piece of content to check out – you’ve got podcasts, videos and newsletters to choose from!

If you like it, please reply to this email and let me know!

Here goes…


Uncle Olly has been doing the podcast rounds recently.

If you enjoy podcasts, why not check out some of these:

  • 7 Figures Club - This podcast dives deep into my backstory, from languages and travel, then eventually to building StoryLearning.
  • Join Up Dots - An eclectic conversation with a fellow Brit! We talk in particular about psychological struggles in entrepreneurship.

Heights (Apple Podcasts | YouTube) - This conversation centred around business advice for creators.

Content on Mindset

The most emotional replies in my inbox are ALWAYS from my Mindset content.

Here’s a complete list of posts on Mindset that you might enjoy:

  1. Non-Attachment and Business Success - Staying sane while you grow your business
  2. How to Build a Business You Love | My Story - The principles I’ve followed to grow StoryLearning
  3. What’s it all for? - Thoughts on the intersection between business and life

YouTube Videos

Last month, I wrote about how I had decided to make more video content.

The reason was that I wanted to increase the level of intimacy with my audience.

Unfortunately, I forgot about this aim, and my first couple of videos were over-edited.

We’ve since dialled this back, in an effort to make them more relatable.

Check out the most recent video and let me know how intimate you feel…🤭

The Fastest Way To Scale Your Online Business | Stop Delegating

Recent Newsletters

Lastly, here are three recent newsletters I published that people seemed to enjoy:

  1. So you want to hire an operator?
  2. Why measuring ROI is damaging your business
  3. How should I spend $300,000?

The Roundup Email

So, what just happened here?

You don’t need to be Hercule Poirot to deduce that what you just read was a “round-up email”.

Round-up emails are shockingly effective.

Here’s why:

  • You make a lot of content
  • Most people miss most of it

A simple round-up email gives your audience a stupid-simple way to quickly browse everything you’ve published recently and directly consume it.

But it’s not just for occasional broadcasts.

I use round-up emails in automated email sequences too.

Think about it…

If you’ve written an awesome email sequence, do you really believe everyone is reading each email?

Of course they’re not.

Even if your open rates are a respectable 40%, then 60% of people are not even opening your emails… let alone reading them.

(Same applies for all types of content… YouTube, podcast, whatever.)

Given this, it makes A LOT of sense to give people a second chance.

And get this…

People will really thank you for sending these reminder emails!

In StoryLearning, our round-up emails consistently have the highest open and CTRs:

I mean –

Let me ask you –

Did you find the roundup part of this email useful?

My guess is that you did. And if you didn’t, frankly you should probably unsubscribe and read something more relevant to you.

Tips For Effective Round-Up Emails

Here are some tips for getting maximum engagement in these emails.

Firstly, give context.

Notice in the podcast recommendations above, I didn’t just drop a link. I told you something interesting about each podcast. This will increase click-through, and also retention on the podcast itself.

Second, use visual variety.

People scroll through long emails, so use a variety of eye-stoppers to catch their attention.

Notice how I embedded the YouTube thumbnail above.

I didn’t have to do that… but you stopped and looked, didn’t you?

Third, be specific.

Don’t just “content dump”.

It’s better to choose specific pieces of content and provide context.

For example, rather than just dump all my recent newsletters, I picked specific content on “Mindset”, because I know that it hits hard with many people in my audience.

IMO, it’s better to give something that 20% of your audience will love, than a generic list of stuff that 80% of your audience kinda likes.

(H/T Tim Ferriss for that idea.)

So, there we have it.

Start Sending Roundup Emails

If you create content, then start sending round-up emails:

  • It’s dead-easy to do
  • People love it
  • You’ll get more eyeballs on your content
  • You’ll make more sales as a result

And if you do try it out, let me know how it goes.

Now, my train is pulling into Shinjuku station, which is excellent timing.

Time to take a stroll through the madness and try to find good reasons why I shouldn’t move back to Japan.

Trust me…

I’m tempted…

But I do like Hobbitshire.



CASE STUDY: Blueprint Of A $10m Online Education Business:

  • Business model blueprint
  • Product ecosystem
  • Team structure
  • Evergreen sales strategy
  • And much more

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